Contact Information

The eighth version of Mercurial Design is a come back tour of sorts for me. I took a couple month off to do other things, take up some other hobbies, but in the end I've come back to anime and wallpapering. I got to say it's really good to be back to walling again.

MD.NET has gone through a lot of reincarnations over the years, and I image I'll keep on going ad infinitum. At this point the site is pretty stripped down, especially in terms of links to other anime websites and galleries. If run an anime or wallpapering site and feel like joining the MD.NET community please feel free to send me an email.

I'm also a part of the Animepaper community, so if you need to reach me feel free to send me a private message (and don't forget to comment on my walls!). I go by redxxii.

If you want to use wallpapers from MD.Net for private projects or websites please contact me first. I usually have no problem sharing out my wallpapers, but I really hate it when I see people taking my walls and posting them up without giving me credit. Please be considerate to efforts of others, I work hard on these walls and I'd like people to know who made them.

All anime images used on this site are property of their original creators and copy-right owners.